“We live in a world with titles.”

Join the Royal Order’s of the Emperor Czar King! Restore the throne with love!

“I am Emperor Czar King Christian El Capitaine Sutter of France.”

I’m a producer of music. My works include;

Daddy Kid Two Album 2020

Buy the Daddy Kid Two album on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album 2018

Buy the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten album on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

Christian Sutter World’s Best Processor Album 2019

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CTSUTTER King Louis Movement EP 2017

Buy the King Louis Movement EP by CTSUTTER on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify.

I’ve worked with a multiple of artists in the past. I’m excited to have the opportunity to put artists on to tracks that are published and distributed throughout the world. I’m a celebrity to the music industry of the East Coast.

Everyone has them in their daily employ. Even the unemployed carry the title of their catagorization. This website has been recreated a number of times. The recreation of this website begins during a pandemic’s quarantine. The hope is to establish a website that offers fans insights to music productions. As a music producer with over ten years experience my songwriting is the passion that returns me to making music. I love the ability to play with words. I love the ability to add melody to poetry. Song is something that can send a single message to the entire world.

Music is a passion. It’s something you think to give up. But, to give up is impossible. It’s something that has people reaching for the larger goal. It’s something that becomes a refinery and collection of time. I am a songwriter and music producer always interested in exploring the potential of future entrepreneurial music partnerships. I took a few years off to take my chance at startups. After my jet companies went down in a tail spin music became my focus. I’m still sharpening my eyes and always working on new music. Follow my Tiktok and Instagram profiles. Stay up to date on my latest works and engage in conversation with me at any time.

I was the most populated live broadcaster in the world on Election Day November 8th 2016. singing a song called Take The Trump Train. Marketing myself was a strategy that was important. I wanted to be sure I can configure value to my technology startups in the future. Realizing my marketing potential resulted in further expansion into music. My previous live broadcasting opportunity was revoked. I found a new home broadcasting music on Tiktok. Be sure to follow my YouTube channel as it has instrumentals to offer aspiring artist. I’m available to negotiate licensing of my music publishing archive for cover artists. Thanks very much for arriving on ChristianSutter.com! Let the journey begin! Discover how I became the Emperor Czar King and enjoy my newest music!